ICT revolution


I was reading Choy Yee’s blog and got inspired about how ICT have changed over years. I remember the days where we used blackboard and chalk in the classroom. It was really memorable because me and my friends were used to fought to erased the blackboard.

The image has shown that tasks given are the same however the way to transmit knowledge have changed.I would say technologies make things faster and easier. Just by a click, we can send out anything we like. Of course, we have to be a responsible one, post up things that are really fruitful and meaningful.


class maintenance

Technology gadgets have become a necessity in our daily lives, as well as for the children. Knowing that the use of gadgets will definitely be one of the benefits to control the class. Whenever I mentioned, ” Today we are going watch a (anything ICT)!” They will be clapping their hands and cheering. They were so motivated and well behaved when it comes to gadgets. The children’s attention span on the gadget is outrageously long, is it a good or a bad thing?

Kym mentioned that how parents use gadgets to control their children these days are really sad. Gadgets have now become the “electronic baby sitter”. Is it due to the lack of knowledge to engage with children or it’s just purely convenience?

I hope there are more awareness about this issue because it has affects the children’s development in any domain especially physical development. The children in the city have probably work out their fingers more than running with their legs.

Something for the parents to reflect on their actions. What do you think?

Did you kill the child’s creativity?

I remember this video on Youtube that posted by Jo was a video that was introduced on my first class of BECH. It’s about schools that do not allow children to have divergent thinking, or rather thinking or seeing things from a different perspective or view.

Many time when i walked in to traditional set up kindergarten, the artworks that children produced look all the same. Apples are alwasy read and flowers have 5 petals. At Amazing Kids(where I did my practicum), children are encourage to voice out and they are always encourage to have different thought. For example, if Child A said that the apple is blue, she will have to provide a reason. Some of them will say, ” the apple got poison”. Some of them said they paint the apple blue. It’s all their imagination!

As an early child educator, we should embrace this divergent thinking. Who knows they grow up to be Steve Job?


Total mind blown from Google!

Do you think Siri from Iphone is cool? Which you can command a phone to do something.

Here is something cooler and mind blown technology from Google named Google Glass! It looks like a pair of spectacle and you wear it like a spectacle. You can command the Google Glass to do things like take a picture on the spot. Just say “take a picture” and it will capture a photo.

You can record what you see without holding it, because you are wearing it. It’s hands-free!

You can even connect to your friends and show them live events!

You can get direction from it as well!

More.. more and MORE!!!

All you need to do is command and Google Glass will do it for you. It’s hands-free, everything happen in the small little glass. It’s so compact and convenient. Watch this video and you will find out a lot more amazing things that Google Glass can do!

Now, do you want one?


How technology changed my life.

How technology changed my life?

I remember how I used to write letters to my friends. I remember how I used to write diary and kept it in a secret place. I love to write with pencils and get my hands dirty. I love how I can just lie down on my bed and start writing about my day.

Come to think of it, I actually experienced the change. From no computer to having one and then laptop, tablets and smart phones! It makes me appreciate more when my friends wrote me letters. It has a kind of sensual feeling because writing takes time and you know your friend is going through this and he or she is willing to stick a stamp on the envelope and send it to your place. Just this! It’s enough for me to say I prefer writing than typing.

Of course I can’t complain what technology can do these days, it’s convenient and easy. It improves our lives. However, when you think of it, it’s quite sad that children who born in the 20’s will not get to experience this wonderful feeling like waiting for letters and sticking the stamp on envelope.

It’s sad, right?

Class Dojo

Class Dojo caught my attention instantly while I was browsing through Kay Yi’s blog. This is an application that helps teachers to do class managements. For instance, it could helps to improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It could also generate report on a child’s behavior. These information could use to share with the parents or stakeholders.

This is really cool! The teachers will not spend a lot of time keeping track with a child’s behavior problem. Moreover, it also motivates the children to practice self-regulatory skill. As they could see if the friends hand in their home work or not or are they behaving well. It will create a sense of self- consciousness in them, this will help to promote good behavior in them.

Children will definitely engage with this application because they could design their own avatar, this makes it more related to them. Moreover, they could also check their Dojo’s point at home.

Do check it out! It’s really cute.


Enjoy story book via Youtube

Last few weeks, Miss Kim showed us this really cute character in a story book named Parts by Tedd Arnold. I could not get it out of my mind because the character in the story is too funny! As well as the story line, it was so entertaining. Of course the story teller tells the story really well and she got a really good skill in story telling. And all these happened in the Youtube video!

I am not a good story teller and I believe many of the new teachers are not too. Are we going to tell story that bored the kids or we can find alternatives? Now we have an alternative! Teachers could use videos like these to play it to the children instead of telling story in a boring way. Right?

Take a look at these videos, you could probably get inspired on how to tell a story or you could let the kids watch it.

Extension on previous post : 21st century learners

On my previous post, I discussed on how teachers could step out of comfort zone and start integrating ICT in teaching. I came across Marylin’s blog – Using vs Integrating technology. She put up an image of a list of the differences of using and integrating technology.

By looking at this image makes me reflect on how I have “use” ICT instead of “integrating” it. This image has definitely show a some details about it. Lets see how many you have achieved to integrate ICT. =)

I believe if technology integration is highly supported by schools, provided if all teachers are well trained to equip these technologies, students will benefit from it as well as the whole school education system.


21st century learners

My coursemate Mei Yih has posted an interesting video about how the 21st century children prefer to learn through digital. All teachers should be aware of the trend of how children learn these days because we should be always relating our understanding to children’s knowledge in order to make connection with them.

Mai Yih has also posted some stimulus question. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts according to her questions. Teachers should definitely come out from comfort zone. I view comfort zone as no progression. When we are in our comfort zone, we hardly explore, we take things for granted because we are so used to it. Imagine if you were to be at a foreign country and you could not speak their language, you will find ways to communicate and probably discover something new because you have not exposed to it before. Hence, teachers should explore on digital, make connection to the students.

Many children misused the technology. It could be lack of proper guidance in using it. Hence, teachers are one of the channel to facilitate and reintroduce the the usage of technology and how to fully utilize and enhance the children’s learning with ICT.

One the other hand, teachers could also learn from the students. It will be great!

Unlucky Practicum

I started my first week of ICT prac. It all went well and smooth.

Second week was a little unpleasant because some children from Amazing Kids are infected with Hand, food and mouth disease. On the second week of Tuesday, all children are advised to go home early hence there were no learning carried out for the day.

It was unpleasant that some children are not feeling well and one vomited. The school will need to close down for two weeks plus the school holiday in Malaysia, altogether will be a months of holiday for the children.

I could not carry out my lesson and fortunate enough to get guidance from David and my lecturer – Miss Kim and hence got an extension for assignment.

I hope all children will be healthy and fit when they come back to school and enjoy my lessons!